Prince of Poison Stoneborn Volume 1

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Prince of Poison Stoneborn Volume 1

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The Queen is dead. The King is missing. Magic runs rampant in the kingdom of Lhiminal.

Shepard Cole Brennec is the youngest of three heirs to the throne. As a prince, he is sworn to report any flow of magic to his father, the God-King Jameson. But what’s a prince to do when he discovers that magic has awoken in him - and there's no king to report it to? Stir it up, of course. When Shepard sets out to strengthen his gift, it flares out of control, and he's haunted by terrifying visions of the kingdom's destruction. Everything is at stake unless the young prince finds a way to alter the course of the future. But that means diving even deeper into the madness of his gift. Deeper into the poison.