Kane: A Dirty Mafia Secrets Story

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Kane: A Dirty Mafia Secrets Story


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I’m not the guy everyone talks about, most don’t even know me – and when they meet me things only go one way. It takes skill to do what I do, and even at that, skill alone isn’t enough. The McCauley’s are in trouble, so they’ve called me in for help… they should have called sooner. Even the mob need someone when things get tough.

I came back home especially for this, but the meet isn't until Saturday and what I want right now is some distraction.

I never planned on working somewhere like Fitzy’s, but after a few wrong decisions, somehow I ended up there anyway. I see too many things when I’m working and I heard even more. The other girls just block it out or pretend not to notice, but I just can’t. A night out to release this tension is just what need.