Twice Cursed: Keeper of the Flame (Book 1)

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Twice Cursed: Keeper of the Flame (Book 1)

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One minute I was minding my own business, just trying to get back to my dorm after surfing the Underground, and the next minute I was in the middle of a police raid with my would-be rescuer lying dead on the floor and the remnants of a strange occult ritual scattered all around me. This might sound like a typical Tuesday night, but for me, this was all kinds of crazy, and I was most definitely going to do my best to forget that it ever happened.

But what had really happened that night? I was just a student, an American overseas trying to get a year of study under my belt. This exchange program in London should be just what I need to propel me into the academic career of my dreams. Unfortunately, those dreams seemed to be slipping through my fingers…