Every Heart Inch: (A Tryst of Fate Series - Novella 1)

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Every Heart Inch: (A Tryst of Fate Series - Novella 1)

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Want it rough and “heart?”
Dr. Anthony Parker is a thirty-two-year-old sex-god by night, and a pediatrician by day. He breaks hearts wherever he goes with his good looks, killer smile, and incredible physique. There is little room for him to fall in love when he’s enjoying playing the field. However, fate intervenes and brings twenty-six-year-old Shanna Sullivan literally to his doorstep, and so begins the end of his bachelor days. Shanna is new to the city of Philadelphia, and desperately seeking a job. Having recently left a rocky relationship and her entire life back in Oklahoma for a fresh start, she is sure to have some interesting adventures. Read their steamy, romantic tale of two, and you’ll see why this book is “heart” to put down!