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Looking for a new mystery novel to read? These mysteries will keep you hooked - happy reading!

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Loreticus and The Poisoned Orphan
J B Lucas
In the second book of the Loreticus Intrigues series, author J.B. Lucas will take you on a unique adventure through a we...
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To Hatch a Thief (A Movie Club Mystery)
Zara Keane
Mystery. Mayhem. Chickens. When a valuable diamond necklace is stolen, former American cop and classic movie bu...
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Tom Bierdz
Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and beautiful wife, a 15...
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Filigrees, Fortunes and Foul Play
Emily Selby
Pre-release preview Single mum, Katie Redford, is just managing her busy life as a part-time police c...
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Escape to Sampson's Quarry
Lirios Publishing
Running away never solved anything . . . The past always catches up to you … A matter of time… &#1...
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Murder in the Mansion
Penelope Sotheby
Daniel Swift – Attorney at Law. Honest. Dedicated. Brilliant. Daniel gets a visit from a home nurse...
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Dead Flies
Glenn McGoldrick
Just a kid, really, with his whole life ahead of him. But he vanished three years ago… Intr...
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Macyn’s Letter
S.L. Stacker
A near-death experience at the hands of her husband would cause any woman to cling to her crippling trust issues and dat...
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David Callinan
'Make me beautiful, make me beautiful" Ella Fallon makes this secret wish every night. She and her lo...
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Two Tocks before Midnight (The Agora Mystery...
Clay Boutwell
The Strange Affair of October 24th, 1859: When a flurry of forgeries appears in museums and among collectors, the member...
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David Callinan
A crazed escapee and child abuser kidnaps Mike Delaney’s wheelchair-bound friend and 15-year old daughter. The ex-assass...
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Murder on the SS Rosa
Lee Strauss
In the spirit of Agatha Christie, Lee Strauss presents a brand new series reminiscent of the Golden Age of Mysteries. &#...
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David Callinan
A woman on the run from a ruthless cyber gang sees Mike Delaney on the street. In desperation she drops something into h...
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The Case of the Exploding Luck Pumpkin: Casin...
Nikki Haverstock
The Case of the Exploding Luck Pumpkin Vanessa is home in Rambler, Nevada for the biggest holiday of...
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13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Ta...
David Six
Here are thirteen short stories of horror and suspense to make you feel you are not alone in the room--even when you thi...
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Kirsten McKenzie
If art can capture a soul, what happens when one of those souls escapes? When Anita Cassatt is sent t...
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Neven Carr
Every family holds a secret. How far would yours go to keep it? Twenty-eight year old school...
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Murder in the Mountains
Miles Lancaster
Jennifer left her high stress job to live a life of tranquility as the owner of a mountain resort. With newspaper editor...
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Identity Crisis
Debbi Mack
A simple domestic abuse case turns deadly when the alleged abuser is killed and Stephanie Ann "Sam" McRae's client disap...
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B.M. Allsopp
Detective Joe Horseman is a legend in Fiji rugby. But now injury has wrecked his rugby career, he dreads returning to th...
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