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Welcome to the Flight of Fantasy Giveaway.

This September an army of excited authors have come together to bring you this awesome giveaway. Don't miss this chance to snag these amazing eBooks before they disappear!

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hayley lawson
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Perrin Briar
Gray Wolf
J.W. Webb
The Fall of an Overlord
Kevin Potter
The Darkness Within
E. M. Aguilar
Eden Winter
First Light (Hart and Soul Book 0.5)
Liberty Gilmore
Salvation's Dawn
Joe Jackson
A Magical Reckoning
N. R. Hairston
Goddess Awakening
Araya Evermore
The Edge
Fleur Camacho
Dragon's Awakening
Kassandra Knight
The Singer and the Charlatan
DC Fergerson
H.G. Chambers
Stevie Collier
Kylie Quillinan
Star Flame
Yvonne Carder
Destiny of Kings
Fiona Tarr
The Priestess and the Dragon
Nicolette Andrews
Princess (The Dark Shadows 1)
Ariel Marie
Pregnant by the Dragon Shifter
Jasmine Wylder
Fire & Ice
Patty Jansen
Amaskan's Blood
Raven Oak
Rise of the Mercenary King
Samuel Stokes
Freshmen (The Felix Chronicles Book 1)
R.T. Lowe
Rakshasa (An Anki Legacies Novelette)
S Shane Thomas
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Perrin Briar
The Summoner: Book One of the Temple of Empia...
M. C. Glan
Embellish: Brave Little Tailor Retold
Demelza Carlton
The Society of Imaginary Friends (Book 1 of T...
Kristen Pham
Born of Faerie (Stolen Magic, #0)
WB McKay
The Age of Ash
Andrenik Sergoyan
The Infernal Aether
Peter Oxley
Life for a Life
Andy Peloquin
King Cage and the Worth Street Djinni (King C...
Mike Stop Continues
Tora Moon
The Rift
J.T. Stoll
Blood and Hunger
Stephanie Marks
In the Shadow of the Rook
JDL Rosell
Ella Dethroned
Brandon Barr
Fireborn - Book 1 in the Fireborn Series
L J Clarkson
Bluebeard's Curse
Regine Abel
Order of Vespers
Elyse Reyes
Binding Curse
Mila Young
BUMP - A Sneak Peek
Jaime Munn
Spirit Hunger
Ella J. Smyth
The Hidden Island
Nicholas Kotar
Claiming the Evil Dead
Mary Abshire
Pureblood Panther
Jolie Day
Origins of the Never
C.J. Rutherford
Blood and Shadows
Dayne Edmondson
Aaron Hodges
Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Versi...
Melinda Kucsera
Mother's Misfortune
Cordelia Castel
Black Opal
Catie Rhodes
Cursed Blood
Luke R. Mitchell
Toonopolis: Gemini
Jeremy Rodden
Enticed: An Immortal Chronicles Story
Samantha Britt
Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: A Study In Misch...
Lydia Sherrer
The Full Moon
David Neth