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Touch of Darkness
Dawn Husted
This short story prequel serves as a riveting introduction to the grim reaper novel that “hooks readers until the very e...
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Weermag Liefde
Christien Frances
Om verlief te wees op jou oudste broer se beste vriend is nie maklik nie, veral nie as hulle senior offisiere in die wee...
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Alien Storm
Don Viecelli
A UFO suddenly appears near the International Space Station and is damaged by an explosion caused by a large solar flare...
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Playing for her Heart
Danielle Burton
Clover has had it with relationships. She’s done, finished, finito! Not everyone gets a happily ever after, and she’s ok...
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There's A Thin Line - Book 1: Legal Reichs
Trisha A. Lindsey
Blair Aikman is a Female Black Anti-Terrorist Agent, who works for the new Shadow Agency, which has been formed to comba...
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The Spark (Chapters 1-6 Free Sneak Peek)
Sylvie Stewart
**Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award for Romantic Comedy** Let the fire burn and the insul...
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Love Across Time
Jayla Rae
Marcus Scofield and I spent years loving each other, even though we never kissed or even held hands. We were just little...
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Kirsten McKenzie
If art can capture a soul, what happens when one of those souls escapes? When Anita Cassatt is sent t...
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Bad Things Happen Preview
Rowena Holloway
Loyalty and truth? No way. There ain’t no loyalty. And the only truth? Everybody lies. – Joey Baptiste &#1...
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"Who Needs Justice?" Chris Seely Vigilante Ju...
Rex Bolt
Following an unexpected medical diagnosis, Chris approaches life differently, which includes making a list. &#1...
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Full Fusion
NJ Damschroder
Roxie’s life changes when she learns she’s a being from another dimension, separated from the light that is her soul in...
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The Blunt Object Amendment
George Sirois
Out of work. Out of insurance. Out of options. All Stephen Barker wants is to provide a better life for his wife and chi...
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House of Guardians: Paranormal Romance - Sons...
Beatrice Sand
A compelling story line, a trilogy, good characters, demigods, mystery, naked wrestling, a handsome hero and gorgeous he...
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Hart's Desire ~ The Hart Trilogy Book 1
Chloe Flowers
An independent young lady meets a bold merchant captain pursued by a band of pirates...what could possibly go wrong?&#13...
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Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan
Eric Meyer
Life is short and justice a rare commodity in the harsh wastelands of Afghanistan. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Rafe Stoner is a...
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City of Skies
Farah Cook
Nora Hunt has just joined the deadly quest to discover an ancient legend: the nine worlds of the Vikings. Her post-apoca...
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Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love
Chiquita Dennie
Nothing and no one could tear Antonio and Sabrina apart, no matter how hard they tried. Ex-lovers, angry family members,...
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Killing Faith (A Gabriel De Sade Thriller Boo...
Eric Meyer
Killing Faith is the first book of the 'Faith' series of novels about an NYPD detective,a former Special Forces operativ...
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Sheryl's Last Stand
kerrie noor
Sheryl has seen better days; one time she had a career, a partner, a nice flat and a social life. At the wrong side of t...
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Teenage Mage
A.J. Antony
“Magic, like love, is a dangerous game—it takes a strong heart to play it.” Apart from working as a b...
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The First Time
Mike Winter
Tom Black is the Government's newest recruit. He is an agent working for a top secret anti terrorist group. Troubled by...
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SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops - Raid on Afghanis...
Eric Meyer
They are the best of the best, the Navy SEALs. The world’s most elite fighting force. A vital kill-mission inside Afghan...
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Frances Pauli
Genevieve doesn’t believe in past lives, demons, or true love. All of which seems like a perfectly practical approach to...
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Intricate Deceptions
Jennifer Rayes
Waking up in a desolate cell, Gaia realizes she has been kidnapped by a human trafficking organization, doomed to be sol...
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Tom Bierdz
Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and beautiful wife, a 15...
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Whatever It Takes, Saratoga Falls Love Storie...
Lindsey Pogue
Horses and hard work, Sam's daily regimen to keep her haunting memories at bay. But all it takes is a heatwave, a pair o...
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Stare Me Down - A Workplace Romance
joanie Pariera
Danita D’Angelo is a young, successful, working-class professional. When she gets noticed for the wrong reasons, by a ho...
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Mama's Retribution - Origin
Bianca Pheasant
Drugs, abuse, and humiliation are part of everyday life for young Kyndra Abbott, an extraordinary beautiful 25-year-old...
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M.F. (Sexy M.F. Series - Book 1)
Lisa Mackay
Young photographer Vivienne Banks could never be accused of throwing caution to the wind. 'Cautious' could be her middle...
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Man on the Stair
Reid Minnich
A global integrated computer system tracks identities, eliminates physical money, drives cars and makes life easier for...
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Jamie's Gamble
Gregg Bell
Jamie Thompson's never been good at taking chances. Young, beautiful and from a wealthy family she's had little reason t...
Giveway Expired
I like Alice
Reid Minnich
Raul Timberland hit rock bottom when he became pilot of a ship with an impulsive space monkey as copilot, a criminal gir...
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Sundown Apocalypse
Leo Nix
It is the end of days, the Apocalypse of Revelations has begun and terrorists have taken out the super powers cleansing...
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Jade's Peace
Melissa Stevens
Steve left home at eighteen to avoid doing something he knew he would regret. Now, ten years later, the girl he left to...
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Stan C. Smith
On a field trip to remote Papua, Quentin Darnell and his students stumble upon an object that could change the world for...
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Randall Floyd
His summer break was supposed to be normal, that is, until the first girl that ever showed any interest in him turned ou...
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Undercover Love
Mark My Words Book Publicity
She's forbidden. But I want to have her anyway. I am an undercover cop, and I always keep my emotions...
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The Grifter's Daughter
Duane Lindsay
Introduced in Tap Doubt, Dani Silver is the daughter of a legendary old con artist Leroy Amadeus Logan. &...
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Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
A secret hidden in plain sight. A devastating attack. And a world hanging in the balance. There are a...
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Rivals To Lovers
Bookarama Publishing
Matt is an ambitious man yet always falls short when he's pitted against the rugged Jackson on various assignments for w...
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Broken Vows
Marty Langenberg
Can a priest be ‘unchaste’? Can he love a married woman? Imagine a priest who has his own in...
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Their Secret Desire
Julia Imari
Their secrets could bring them together or tear them apart. Jordan Eastbrook is busy making a name in...
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Siege of Titan (Star Crusades Uprising Book 1...
Michael Thomas
Siege of Titan is the first book in the epic science fiction series that chronicles humanity's first interstellar confed...
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Echo Six: Black Ops - Raid on Somalia
Eric Meyer
They are an International elite unit created by NATO to carry out missions where no other could hope to succeed. A mix o...
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Earth And Sky
Kaye Draper
Wren has trained for war since she was a child, but a secret bond with the enemy leads her to question everything she ha...
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Tracy Lorraine
Running away never solves anything. But that is exactly what Beth is doing after a devastating trip to the mall brings h...
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Jackson Kross and the Dragon Girl
A.J. Antony
Killing her will bring gold and glory. Saving her will bring death and dishonor. A knight as well as...
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The Temple of Vitus
Chris Turner
Shipwrecked off a dangerous coast in an unknown land, a treasure-hunter stumbles upon a mysterious cult in the ruin of a...
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VAMPIRE SPIRIT (Previously published as Heart...
Gabriel Beyers
Jerusa Phoenix's life is anything but normal. As if having a congenital heart defect, and living with an overbearing mot...
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Loving the Enemy
Charmaine Pauls
With a price on her head, Lily shouldn’t trust anyone, especially not the stranger who saves her. Lil...
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Ever Mine
Eden Ashe
Can a kidnapped fairy and a human find love despite all odds? Nathan Alexander’s batty aunt has done...
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Red Marks
Glenn McGoldrick
"I wondered if she was sleeping alone; I liked to think that she was. It was too late to knock on her door and say hello...
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Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies
Evy Journey
Chanterelles garnished with cream and mayhem. Gina’s grandfather was a French chef whose life was cut...
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Knocked Up by The Billionaire
Alice Moore
A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance Natalie could be proud of herself. She had achieved her entrepreneurial drea...
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Blank Lines and Other Poems
Megan chapman
Five random poems from the Writertarian, Megan Chapman with beautifully illustrated coloring pages for adults that touch...
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Sealing the Deal
Blue Love Books
As the heat goes up in the kitchen, more than just the soup is bubbling over as Ty and Katie compete against another tea...
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To Dine With Danger
Blythe Baker
When a handsome detective asked me to dinner, I thought I was in for a nice meal and an ordinary, romantic evening. That...
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Origins Of The Magdon: Vercovicium
Tobey Alexander
SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR MORE Dare to enter the darkness...
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Tokyo Summer
Joseph Mark Brewer
It was classified as an overdose. Or was it? Setsuko Usami, the wife of a top Bank of Japan economist...
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Name of a Hero
A.J. Antony
This is a reader exclusive short story. When my fans had asked me for the backstory of Darren and Jackson, I d...
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PARTIAL GeektoGreek Billionaire 8Jan18
Gloria Silk
While renovating a very special beach house Olivia bumps into her teen crush, the geeky yet sexy Alexander. Now he wants...
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The Hinky Brass Bed
Jennifer Stevenson
Too much of a good just enough! Lord Randy was bad in bed in 1811, so his magician-mistress turned...
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Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon. It can happen anywhere, anytime. It drinks lakes dry, consumes jungles, and even dem...
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Jazzed Up A New Orleans Romance Novel
Pahkee Dhillon
WARNING; there are men in this world that make a woman wonder whether or not they are actually of this world…with, shall...
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Ionshaker desperate (Part 1 - The Manhunt)
Felix Timothy
“A Heart-Stopping, Action-Packed Thrill Ride!” – Reviews From The Heart “Worthwhile thriller.” – Wend...
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Sweet Dreams (Beach Squad Series #1)
Marika Ray
After the devastating loss of my parents when I was in college, I vowed to focus all my energy on fulfilling my promise...
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Hero (The Hero Rebellion Book One)
Belinda Crawford
**Harry Potter meets The Golden Compass in an action-packed sci-fi about a dauntless teen and a centuries-old plan to ch...
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Muse Song
Sarah Biglow
Fifteen-year-old Abbie Rollands doesn’t remember her past lives as the Greek Muse Euterpe. That doesn’t stop her classma...
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13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Ta...
David Six
Here are thirteen short stories of horror and suspense to make you feel you are not alone in the room--even when you thi...
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The Objection To Affection
Khardine Gray
So this is what happens when you fall out of the frying pan and into the fire. When Allyson Summers lost her jo...
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Skip: Book 1
Perrin Briar
A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks? The clock tower is the center of the t...
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Jocked Up
Summer Cooper
Drake, NFL superstar. Six years ago, I left town for football…at least that’s what everyone thinks. T...
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GalaXafreaks Issue 2
Andrew Pawley
Psychedelic science fiction! Galaxy sized weirdos! Cosmic hi-jinx and galactic gaffs! Galaxafreaks will eat your brains!
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Dialects Of Temptation
Doria Price
Donna understands all too well what happens when trust is broken. Haunted by a friendship gone horribly wrong, she strug...
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Throwing Rules to the Wind
Travel writer Zara Castillo has a lot going for her. Her career’s taking off, and her boyfriend, Matthew Villanueva, is...
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Near Miss (MM contemporary romance)
Aimee Brissay
For Teo, driving the subway is everything he’s ever known. He’s never had someone jump in front of his train. Until now....
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The Forgotten: Aten's Last Queen
J. Lynn Else
She was more than just an image in stone. She was more than just a pharaoh’s wife. At an early age, Ankhesenamun had to...
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Jemma 1
Clarissa Carlyle
Reality star Daniel Starke needs a quick repair to his reputation after a very public breakup with his celeb supermodel...
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