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"Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?" — Marty McFly

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." — Ricard Bach

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Time Control: Pike Gillette Book 1
Rex Bolt
“The greatest time-travel series I’ve ever read - the only one I’ve ever read, but still!” Book 1: 'T...
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Yesterday's Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal...
Al Macy
Private detective Eric Beckman can read minds. Although he reads only the conscious thoughts of the...
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Rise the Renegade: A Rork Sollix Space Opera...
George Donnelly
The golden age of freedom withers across the Solar System as independent colonies fall under the dominion of Barbary and...
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ONE MORE THING: The Lost Interview
Maya Lee. Soaringly brilliant, unflinchingly kind. Tenacious as hell. Years before…...
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Drew Cordell
Paragon.EXE is the prequel novella to the Absolute Knowledge trilogy. Fueled by the Cold War, the development of the tec...
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House of Guardians: Paranormal Romance - Sons...
Beatrice Sand
A compelling story line, a trilogy, good characters, demigods, mystery, naked wrestling, a handsome hero and gorgeous he...
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Feel the Pride: Paranormal Origins Short Stor...
Green&Silver Publishing
Nothing is out of ordinary in Brandon's life.  He's got a good job, and the wedding with Rachel is so...
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The Awakening
AJ Flowers
Only once a generation will a vessel be born… blessings on his poor, empty soul. Jakob has shown all...
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SAVIOURS DAY - Preview Sample
Lewis Kinmond
"KEEP HIM SAFE. I WILL RETURN FOR HIM." Return for him. Yeah, right... Seriously,...
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Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
A secret hidden in plain sight. A devastating attack. And a world hanging in the balance. There are a...
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Tides of Empire
C.S. Harte
A sinister tide is coming. For centuries, the Jin-song have held back the massive wave of superpowere...
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Perrin Briar
A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks? The clock tower is the center of the t...
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After Dark The Mystery of Highland Manor
Mark Lee Ryan
Another backpacker murder! When Jan and Rodney Wiltshire purchased the Manor in 2002 they thought the history of murders...
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The Timelost
Chris Turner
A pilot stranded on a faraway planet. An alien seeking symbiosis. Can one marine, perhaps the last hope in the face of a...
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Mission Clockwork
Arthur Slade
A shape-shifting secret agent. A merciless enemy with a metal hand. The Victorian Empire got more than it bargained for....
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Isle of Apples (Copper & Cobalt #3)
J. Conrad
The Isle of Apples is a breathtaking, wonderful place. It's lush and green, full of white magic and perfectly safe. Well...
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Mirrors (The Curse of Lanval Book I)
Rebekah Dodson
You probably won’t like my story. Heck, I’m not sure if I even like it myself. Between getting burned at the stake and b...
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Time Travel For Her
Daniella Wright
A lifetime spent in solitude doesn’t make much room for romance, even if that solitude is well spent. I have but a short...
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Simone Leigh
Viking. Tired of her unhappy, loveless existence, wishing only for a better life, Tania chooses to en...
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Beyond the Blue Door
Elaine Benwell
Three friends, two ghosts, and an undying love in a story of love, loss, and redemption. The day bef...
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Lines Through Time - The Last Generation -
Lee Isserow
Could you sacrifice everything to save the world? The world as we know it ended... but life goes on....
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Him (Book 1 - The Migrator Series)
Caitlin Mazur
An orphaned girl travels across the country to save her sister from the dire consequences of a time-traveling man's botc...
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The Humanarium
C.W Tickner
Could you kill your god to win your freedom? Humans are now nothing more than pets. &#...
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Ace of Squids
Elliot Cooper
Everything changed when Grant’s lover, Ezra, gifted him a bejeweled filigree pocket watch, but nothing could have prepar...
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