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ONE MORE THING: The Lost Interview
Maya Lee. Soaringly brilliant, unflinchingly kind. Tenacious as hell. Years before…...
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George Saoulidis
They’re Just Trying To Steer You Right. And Play Your Favourite Mp3s When an ordinary guy’s implanted...
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Breaking Spirits
Glenn McGoldrick
A young man wants payback for his mother, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it… Introducing B...
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Curious Goods - Pandora's Box (Book 1)
Bones Monroe
Paul received the worst news that a father can receive, his beautiful, precious daughter has a terminal disease. In the...
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"Who Needs Justice?" Chris Seely Vigilante Ju...
Rex Bolt
Following an unexpected medical diagnosis, Chris approaches life differently, which includes making a list. &#1...
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13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Ta...
David Six
Here are thirteen short stories of horror and suspense to make you feel you are not alone in the room--even when you thi...
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Spyder's Web
Breanna Hayse
In a post-apocalyptic world, Spyder, a Lair trained dominatrix/whip mistress and noted war criminal, escapes the sadisti...
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Broken Vows
Marty Langenberg
Can a priest be ‘unchaste’? Can he love a married woman? Imagine a priest who has his own in...
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Matthew Mather
350 pages of million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather's thriller and speculative fiction works, including his novella Enli...
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Koby's Destiny
Tim Moon
Fear and lust lead to revenge and a brutal fight for survival. As the United States crumbles due to...
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Kindred Intentions
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
24 hours. 2 people. 1 target. It was 10 a.m. when undercover agent Amelia Jennings arrived at the law...
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If The Bed Falls In
Paul Casselle
OVER 15,000 COPIES DOWNLOADED WORLDWIDE Some books inform you about the world. Others provid...
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Sleep (A short story)
JK Neve
"Ava can't sleep. If I want to stay alive, neither should I." When a man's new girlfriend develops in...
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Counteract: Book One of the Resistance Series
Tracy Lawson
Who do you trust when your world unravels and everything you believed is a lie? Teenagers Tommy and C...
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Yesterday's Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal...
Al Macy
Private detective Eric Beckman can read minds. Although he reads only the conscious thoughts of the...
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Lincoln Cole
After mercenaries kidnap two drone operators and steal software that can pilot military drones from anywhere in the worl...
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David Callinan
A crazed escapee and child abuser kidnaps Mike Delaney’s wheelchair-bound friend and 15-year old daughter. The ex-assass...
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David Callinan
A woman on the run from a ruthless cyber gang sees Mike Delaney on the street. In desperation she drops something into h...
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David Callinan
'Make me beautiful, make me beautiful" Ella Fallon makes this secret wish every night. She and her lo...
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Harvesting The Hummingbird: Providence in Ecu...
Scarlett Braden
Abby never thought she'd have the strength, or the nerve, to get out. An abusive husband, a suffocating marriage, and a...
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Lorna Dounaeva's Best Books of 2013 She acts like she’s your new best friend, but is she really a d...
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The Red Ribbon
Rachel Ledge
Chanticleer CLUE Awards Grand Prize Winner London 1773. Julia Ridler struggles to adjust to life afte...
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Young Forever - a gay erotic thriller (previe...
Nathan Bay
Cold-hearted murder and smoldering hot sex explode in this fluid-drenched gay erotic thriller about a blossoming new rom...
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Craig A. Hart
A woman dies in his arms...a drug dealer offers him $10,000...a gunman is determined to kill him. And then everything go...
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The Bare Bones MC #1
Layla Wolfe
Madison Shellmound’s girlish crush on biker Ford Illuminati is stomped into smithereens by his crude, perverse father Cr...
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Soul Catcher
Anthony M. Strong
A murdered billionaire. A priceless statue. A reclusive cult. In New York City, Homicide Detective Jo...
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The Omega Prophecy: Ossuary
Elizabeth Bruce
An ancient pact. The last offspring of a cursed bloodline. A dangerous secret that could destroy the world. &#...
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The Osidium 'Evil People'
Mark Lee Ryan
Super-humans? The city is over-run with a new crime wave and a rogue doctor is developing a super race, but he needs to...
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Ghost From The Past
K.J. Dahlen
Everything we’ve done from our childhood to today make us what we are and who we become. Deke had a troubled youth but s...
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Caught Fire
Michael D. Wright
Who is John Seal? He’s a rookie CIA agent. His job is to protect America against cyber attack from en...
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JT Dusky
Lassiter is the prequel to the upcoming book, Solarity. A top secret organization called Solarity has been formed to mo...
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Shadows in the Water
Kory M. Shrum
Louie Thorne was born with a dangerous gift and a reason to fear the darkness. But when her parents are murdered by the...
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No Rest For The Wicked
James Harper
When an armed gang on the run from a botched robbery that left a man dead invade an exclusive luxury hotel buried in the...
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Back Roads & Hat Check
David Berens
Welcome to the world of Troy Bodean: the unlikely hero of this Island Thriller Series BACK ROADS is a collectio...
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The Fixer
Mike Gomes
A down on his luck man. An international drug runner. One last chance to be the good guy. Michael Fal...
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Kevin M Moehring
Sean is living a normal life with an upcoming wedding and his first child on the way. When he wakes up in the morning fo...
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Murder is a Tricky Business
Phillip Strang
No one’s talking, and those who say they know are dying. A television actress is missing, and DCI Isaac Cook, t...
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Naked Truths: An erotic psychological thrill...
Karen Botha
He’s a grieving widower, the perfect boyfriend, and the prime suspect…4.8 average review on &...
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White Rabbit: A short Wonderland Story
Russell Nohelty
Wonderland has changed. Once it was happy and shiny. Now, it's dark and gritty. That's because the drugs poisoning the d...
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Valley of the Gods
Chris Turner
The fabled jade idol of Gyzia is a thing of mystery and legend. A dark wizard commissions Vetravincus and his band of me...
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Higher Educaton
Steve M
Only dead lawyers tell the truth. When Charlie Hodgekiss, a junior law partner dies mysteriously, the...
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Diary of a Snoopy Cat
R.F. Kristi
Read the hilarious and breathtaking antics of Inca and her family of furry friends as recorded through the eyes of Inca...
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Benjamin Appleby-Dean
WHY BE AFRAID OF THE DARK? Amy and her friends are being plagued by creepy messages, but when a house...
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Scare Me
Endeavour Press
“When did you last google yourself, Mr Frost?” Will Frost, successful businessman and happy family m...
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The Rare Earth Exchange
Le French Book
A team of freelance spies gets caught up in a web of corruption and terrorism in a struggle to control rare minerals key...
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Prelude to World War III: The Rise of the Isl...
James Rosone
In the not-too-distant future, the United States loses its status as a world Superpower. With the military cut to a bare...
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The Samurai Code: A Hiram Kane Action Thrille...
Steven Moore
Expedition leader Hiram Kane is in Japan when the storm of the century hits. He joins the rescue mission as flash floods...
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Perrin Briar
They beat him. They broke him. They stabbed him. They murdered...
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Sea of Gold (The Angus McKinnon Series Book 1...
Nick Elliott
Money, murder and love on the high seas. A wave of sophisticated frauds points to a ruthless conspiracy. ...
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Cogling: A Steampunk Fairy Tale
Jordan Elizabeth
When fifteen-year-old Edna Mather tears an expensive and unfamiliar pocket watch off her little brother’s neck, he crumb...
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Paid In Full
Mark J Newman
Martin Garrett had it all, or at least he thought he did. That all changed the day he woke up to a Dear John note from h...
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T.N King
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Flawless Ambush
BonzaiMoon Books
As Spencer is leaving the mall, men in black suits appear. She is kidnapped, blindfolded, and taken to an undisclosed lo...
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Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan
Eric Meyer
Life is short and justice a rare commodity in the harsh wastelands of Afghanistan. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Rafe Stoner is a...
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The Adventure
Stuart Byng
Get ready for an adventure.....
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Secret of the Assassin
Tom Haase
Bridget and Scott Donavan told the world they had located the true Crown of Thorns, the staff of St. Peter, and some anc...
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Ashes Will Fall
James M. Patrick
Nick Ruben is a man that has it all. That is until his wife and children are murdered in cold blood due to a mistake mad...
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The Young Hyenas
Blake Pitcher
Chelsey and her faithful dog, Dixie, are on a mission—until they fall prey to the Hyenas, wild youths who answer to noth...
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Ionshaker desperate (Part 1 - The Manhunt)
Felix Timothy
“A Heart-Stopping, Action-Packed Thrill Ride!” – Reviews From The Heart “Worthwhile thriller.” – Wend...
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The Cutline: An Alex Vane Novella
A.C. Fuller
It’s the spring of 2000 and Alex Vane is living the dream. He’s brilliant, handsome, driven, and he has just landed his...
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Devil in the Countryside
Cory Barclay
Devil in the Countryside is about the most famous werewolf investigation in history. It's 1588, the height of the Reform...
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Vested Interest
Bethany Jadin
A rebel artist, a tech genius, and three former marines. Multiple companies are vying for my new secu...
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When Houses Burn
Laurèn Lee
Dr. Delilah Hedley is a well-respected Doctor of Psychiatry in a small, affluent city on the East Coast. Despite her pro...
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Tracking A Shadow
R Weir
PI Jarvis Mann scours the streets of Denver, searching for the elusive Shadow. He must solve who is stalking his sexy fe...
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Tap Doubt
Duane Lindsay
Terrorists are poisoning America’s water supplies using an Environmental Cleanup company as a cover. When ousted CEO Nic...
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Call of the Wild
Simone Leigh
A Perfect Life? Anna is a writer, making her living on the move and living her life as free as a bird...
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Man of God
Gregg Bell
Reverend John Archer used to be a good man. He was a gentle soul but after thirty years of ministerin...
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Runners and Riders
Jordan Elizabeth
Juliet loved growing up at the seaside. She never expected her seaman father to inherit a fortune and move the family to...
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The Ninth Hunter
Anna Hub
Daniel Barrow is a ghost hunter bound to a life of misery; protecting the world from ghosts by killing their human hosts...
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Deliberate Chaos (FreightBros Series Book 1)
Nate Castle
If you accidentally caused a death in the most indirect way imaginable Would you turn yourself in or cover your...
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Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center
Judith Lucci
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Anti-Christ - Issue #1
James Mascia
Sam has been genetically engineered by terrorists to be the Anti-Christ and destroy the western world, but she wants out...
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Whose Greater Good
David DeLee
Dawson has seen miscarriages of justice before—firsthand, and it cost him his family—so when Kristine Seleski tells him...
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Fall of Zona Nox - Excerpt
Nicholas Woode-Smith
Zona Nox is on the verge of annihilation… Life on the frontier of human space is tough. Life in Galis...
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Nicholas Woode-Smith
Alien pirates. No ammo. Starfleet ain’t coming. Erryn Kolheim is the best damn freighter pilot this s...
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Ahriman: The Spirit of Destruction
Puja Guha
"Like Grisham and Clancy... this title shines amongthe genre simply though superb storytelling." -The US Review of Books...
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Subject 624
Scott Ferrell
This is a preview. After developing enhanced physical abilities, sixteen-year-old Conor Ferguson does...
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Subtle Deceit
R.A. Mcgee
Tracking down a missing person takes a brilliant mind and bloody knuckles… Porter has no match when i...
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Secrets of Bennett Hall
Jordan Elizabeth
Darkness once twisted Adelaide Dinsmore’s mind, but she thought she had grown out of that. Her job as a teacher in Hedlu...
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Treasure Darkly
Jordan Elizabeth
Seventeen-year-old Clark Treasure assumes the drink he stole off the captain is absinthe… until the chemicals in the liq...
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The Death Run
DH Bookstore
Four contestants: Emma, Glen, Myles, and Zackary. Skills: Using a cross bow, killing, close combat,...
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Surge Protection (The Sheffield Chronicles Bo...
Nate Castle
Logan realized life as he knew it was over Millions dead… All from an alien attack on cell phone users...
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Strangers and Vultures
Lisette Kristensen
In order to save myself, I must destroy the me, I was told to be. Her husband betrayed her family. It...
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Cutthroat County
Adam Nicholls
The last thing he wanted was blood on his hands. Sherriff Moody is just a lazy old redneck. Well, th...
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Ashkettle Fierce
A.M. Goetz
Dack has been committed to Pine Shore Mental Facility against his will, and Sonny struggles with a painful decision that...
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Tough Luck - Saga of the Shamrock Samurai - F...
Dean Floyd
The name’s Sean O’Farrell, and I’m supposed to be lucky. If you couldn’t tell by the name I’m Irish. Irish American that...
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The Killin Case
Lise Turner
Killin, Loch Tay a small secluded town in Scotland has many things that draw Julian Baxter towards it. He flies on over...
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Behold Darkness preview
LC Champlin
How do you stop a cannibal-creating virus while being held captive by a terrorist mastermind? Nathan has mere hours to f...
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The First Time
Mike Winter
Tom Black is the Government's newest recruit. He is an agent working for a top secret anti terrorist group. Troubled by...
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Hero's Mountain
Jerry Dawson
Thousands of people have read how Sam ’n’ Patty first met and began their series of hilarious adventures. Well, they sor...
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Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer
Demelza Carlton
Six months ago, Nathan's sister was brutally murdered. Now the 23-year-old former playboy desires only one thin...
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Conscripted - an action thriller
Chris Lowry
When a young man is following his girlfriend overseas back to her home, a future president and his top adviser recruit h...
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Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis
Perrin Briar
One island. One family. A million zombies. After a tropical storm, the Robinson family discovers a my...
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Skip: Book 1
Perrin Briar
A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks? The clock tower is the center of the t...
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The Robespierre Conspiracy
Steve M
You don't just wake up one morning in a Dystopia. Which cartoon character best fits you? Ans...
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Welcome to the Hotel Yalta
Victoria Dougherty
An heiress who can’t seem to keep her legs closed. A Russian plan for dominating the space race. An assassin with a penc...
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Knuckle Bones
David Berens
Fifteen minutes decides life or death... Troy Clint Bodean didn’t know the I.E.D. would go off in exactly fourt...
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Avogadro Corp
William Hertling
David Ryan is the designer of ELOPe, an email language optimization program, that if successful, will make his career. B...
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Crusaders of Truth
Lydia Crichton
CRUSADERS OF TRUTH: THE PREQUEL While trying to get her life back on track after a near fatal illness and an il...
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Andrew Buckley
Eliana Havelock is a female with no past, whose determination to bring down a Karachi arms dealer catches the attention...
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David Fox
Twenty-two years after the trauma that shattered her life, a trip back to her hometown forces Grace to relive it all ove...
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