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Shi: A Dark Adventure into Living Forever
C.F. Villion
One terrible mistake propels Eliza into the service of a secret organisation known as The Manufacturers. 80 years later...
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Halfskin (The Vignettes)
Tony Bertauski
A synthetic stem cell called a biomite can replace any cell in your body. They are infallible. As our percentages of bio...
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Omega Rising (Omega Force Book 1) by Joshua D...
Discover Sci-Fi
Jason Burke was a man hiding from himself in a small cabin high in the American Rocky Mountains when his simple, quiet l...
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Dualistic Dimensions
The Old Olive Tree
THE ULTIMATE CHOICE The most important thing in Gemini Anderson’s life is her job. &#1...
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The Ariadne Connection
Sara Stamey
The New Leprosy plague and a geomagnetic reversal threaten earth’s precarious balance. An unlikely trio may hold the key...
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The Refugee
C.A. Hartman
She's an ambitious but bored geneticist. He's a brilliant but chilly alien. When he escapes his xenophobic planet and be...
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DNA. the Alex Cave Series book 6.
James M. Corkill
DNA and social media postings will determine who will survive, in this science fiction techno-thriller. Alex Ca...
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The Singularity: Heretic
David Beers
One thousand years in the future, humans no longer rule... In the early twenty-first century, humanit...
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The God Gene
Dean C. Moore
It’s a near-future Age of Abundance. Ever-increasing technological innovation satisfies all human needs. All is good, r...
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Onset - Chloe 1.0
E L Russell
OnSet, a five-star first book of three in the Cohort Series of science fiction, high-tech, mystery thrillers is about Ch...
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