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This is the multi-author multi-genre Big Book Bundle Giveaway group, hosted by the Magic Mailer XXL author group. Extremely talented authors from different genres come together to make this a wonderful experience for the hungry reader!

This Group Giveaway has expired
Dragons: A Crossroads Coloring Book and Novel...
Lori Saltis
Perilous Passions - Book 1 of 3
Ashlee Price
The Girl Who Twisted Fate's Arm
George Saoulidis
Shannyn Leah
LegionBorn: A Preview (Urban Fantasy, LegionB...
F. F. John
Girl Restored
Pam Funke
Sundown Apocalypse 2: Urban Guerrilla
Leo Nix
Daylights affliction
Julian Soriano
Lina Langley
The Fallen: A Crow City Prequel Novella
Xen x Cole McCade
Never Reckless: A Billionaire's Secret Baby R...
Lana Cameo
Lizzy's Pride
Johanna Evelyn
The Paragon Free Preview Sample
F. F. John
I Belong to the Earth - Unveiled Book 1
J. A. Ironside
The 13 Ways You're F*cking Up Your Job Search
Adam A. Anderson
The Lost: A Crow City Novel
Xen x Cole McCade
Busted Play
Stella Marie Alden
The Impossible Adventure
Betsy Flak
A Second Chance at Paris
Xen x Cole McCade
Maid for the Rock Star
Demelza Carlton
Saving Cadence
ID Johnson
Lighting Up The Night
Lina Langley
Return to Wonderland
Tanya Lisle
Secrets of Meadowbrook
Alexis Davie
The Price of Desire - Preview
PE Kavanagh
Kistishi Island
Jordan Elizabeth
The Saved: A Crow City Prequel Novella
Xen x Cole McCade
Somewhere Still
Denitta Ward
The CEO's Valentine
Stella Marie Alden
Scare Me
Endeavour Media
The Bare Bones MC #1
Layla Wolfe
Stripping the Sub
Golden Angel
Girl Revived
Pam Funke
ONE MORE THING: The Lost Interview
The Pursual
F. F. John
The Best Worst Valentine's Day Ever
Christina Rose Andrews
The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
House of Guardians: Paranormal Romance - Sons...
Beatrice Sand
Devyn Jayse
When Sh*t Gets in the Way
Ines Vieira
Diary of the Hollow
Ashleigh Gauch
Aaron Hodges
The Proem
F. F. John
The Paladin Free Preview Sample
F. F. John
Olga GOA
Zero Day Exploit
Xen x Cole McCade
After The Storm
Lina Langley
Lakeshore Secrets at Willow Valley
Shannyn Leah
Naked Truths: An erotic psychological thrill...
Karen Botha
Broken Arrow: A Bad Idea Prequel Novella
Nicole French
Revenge: Love, Lies and Lust
Ivy Banks
Throwing Rules to the Wind
Olga GOA
Love Across Time
Jayla Rae
Tides of Empire
C.S. Harte