A variety of adventure and fantasy stories. If you love action, swordplay, magic, and mystery, this selection was made for you!

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Underground Magic (London Coven Book 0)
Uncanny Kingdom
Join London's guardian, Stella Familiar, on her first job, sixty years ago.

Underground Magic is a sh...
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Alexander Grant
After years of fighting, peace reigns ov...
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The Beginning - Breath of War
R. Malak
The Beginning: Breath of War tells the story of young man wandering through a ravaged post-apocalyptic world in search o...
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How To Create A Villain or Let Sleeping Cande...
Jeremy Rodden
Toonopolis is a cartoon city that is home to the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings in the universe. As the cente...
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The Finch and the Devil’s Petticoats
White Rose
Within ‘The Finch and the Devil’s Petticoats’ you will find some of the action that slipped through the net during the w...
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Prophecy Of The Dragon
Mike Shelton
Being a wizard can be fun some days.

Other days it can be life-threatening and dangerous.
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The Untold Tales of Dolly Williamson
J.M. Bannon
Fredrick “Dolly” Williamson is a young detective in the special branch at Scotland Yard.  When he is called on to invest...
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Fifth Child
N. Patel
A fantasy short story about a woman caught in the Overlord's web of power and sorcery in Ashmere.
What would yo...
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Ghosts of the Sea Moon (Saga of the Outer Isl...
A. F. Stewart
In the Outer Islands, gods and magic rule the ocean.
Under the command of Captain Rafe Morrow, the crew of the...
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Activation: A Jewel Series Companion
Trish Beninato
Gale is a girl who is waiting for the day she activates with special a...
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Once Upon A Time: A Collection of Folktales,...
Demelza Carlton
Fairytales, folktales and legends from all over the world, from Ancient Rome to the present day. Be warned: these are th...
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Curse Breaker: Falls
Melinda Kucsera
Can an untrained mage and his son stop an ancient evil or will they be lost in its darkness?

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Shrine of the Desert Mage (Preview)
Stephen Goldin
Volume I of the Parsina Saga. In the Arabian Nights world of Parsina, Jafar the storyteller is unjustly accused of a cri...
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Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon. It can happen anywhere, anytime. It drinks lakes dry, consumes jungles, and even dem...
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Ancients (Heroes by Necessity Book One) - Pre...
Riley S. Keene
Hidden far beneath the city of Khule lies a spell of immeasurable power. 

Athala Dohn, wizard and sch...
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Tora Moon
The Legends Begin … A tragic death. A broken bond. A fallen warrior.

The Posairs have been fighting f...
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Sea Bound: A Saga of the Outer Islands Story
A. F. Stewart
Come join Rafe Morrow on his first adventure as captain of the Celestial Jewel. Sail with him and his mysterious passeng...
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David Callinan
Morgan Lane has a superhuman memory, loves poetry and is shy around girls. When the animal kingdom mysteriously vanishes...
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The Legend Begins
Georgina Makalani
In all corners of the world men whisper about the legends of Iski Flare filling their mundane lives with tales of his br...
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Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6)
Renee Scattergood
Auren learns she is destined to enslave the people of her world, and Drevin, emperor of the Galvadi Empire is determined...
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Isle of Apples (Copper & Cobalt #3)
J. Conrad
The Isle of Apples is a breathtaking, wonderful place. It's lush and green, full of white magic and perfectly safe. Well...
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Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
A secret hidden in plain sight. A devastating attack. And a world hanging in the balance.

There are a...
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The Ritual: Urban Fantasy Clean FF Romance
Green&Silver Publishing
Camille is a talented customer service specialist by day, and a neophye witch by night. She likes to cast spells, levita...
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Return to Lemuria
Richard Gradner
Billy Bayer is taken prisoner by the descendants of the Lemurian civilisation after conspiring against his mob-boss. He...
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The Fae: A Short Prequel
Hallie Goodway
Can a demon's kiss save her daughter from the curse?

About to be married to the most powerful demon o...
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Ghost From The Past
K.J. Dahlen
Everything we’ve done from our childhood to today make us what we are and who we become. Deke had a troubled youth but s...
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The Forbidden City preview
Alexander Grant
They sent his own legions to hunt him down. Assassins lurk behind every corner. The woman...
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The Dragonslayer's Sword
Resa Nelson
Astrid assumed all dragons should be killed – until she met one that changed her mind.

In the medieva...
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Dragons: A Crossroads Coloring Book and Novel...
Lori Saltis
Welcome to the world of the Crossroads! This coloring book contains dragons for you to print and color, and sample chapt...
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Blood Lines
Sara O. Thompson
Tessa comes from a long line of Witches. When her aunt returns from a 3-year stint as a lounge singer, babbling about a...
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Dangerous Code
Stella Marie Alden
He's a cop

with dangerous eyes that see right through me. The only reason he stopped by is to get mor...
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Quick Escape: Fantasy Tales
Joynell Schultz
Enjoy a taste of another world with these three fantasy stories.
1. Bitten: A desperate mother struggles to pro...
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The Fixer
Mike Gomes
A down on his luck man. An international drug runner. One last chance to be the good guy.

Michael Fal...
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ONE MORE THING: The Lost Interview
Maya Lee.
Soaringly brilliant, unflinchingly kind.
Tenacious as hell.

Years before…...
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The Samurai Code: A Hiram Kane Action Thrille...
Steven Moore
Expedition leader Hiram Kane is in Japan when the storm of the century hits. He joins the rescue mission as flash floods...
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Sanctified (A Branded Book): Free Sample
Uncanny Kingdom
The city of London is infested with vampires.
Only one person can stop them from rising up and wreaking havoc.&...
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A Mind Reader's Christmas: An Eric Beckman My...
Al Macy
Eric Beckman, a mind-reading private investigator, is spending Christmas in snowy Vermont with his wife and daughter. He...
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Inner Demons
Ellen South
Inner Demons - Is a short story !

Demons are on the loose in a city-center high-rise; a perfect oppor...
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The Silent Blade
Jacob Peppers
The Downs, the poor district of the city of Avarest, is home to cutthroats and thieves, pickpockets and prostitutes, all...
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Vikings vs. Unicorns
James R. Tramontana
What you think you know about unicorns is a lie. A lie folded into the very fabric of our history and perpetuated by an...
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Servant of the Crown (Heir to the Crown: Book...
Paul J Bennett
A loyal warrior. A royal secret. The fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance.

Tragedy tears Gerald...
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Return to Wonderland
Tanya Lisle
Years after that fateful fall down the rabbit hole, Alice has moved on from the memories of Wonderland and is now attend...
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Ingrid, The Viking Maiden (Preview)
Kelly N. Jane
Ingrid desires nothing more than to train as a Viking shield maiden. 

When an ancient evil emerges an...
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Skip: Book 1
Perrin Briar
A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks?

The clock tower is the center of the t...
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The Path of Swords
Martin Swinford
"Luan ap Garioch, second son of the house of Artran, this is the day of choosing. How do you choose?"

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Beneath the Willow: A Short Story Prequel to...
JR Erickson
The girls don't go into that part of the woods. Until one day Becky does. She encounters a terrifying sight, a woman tha...
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The Diary
Trynda E. Adair
After getting home late from working the museum security shift; Morgan, an orphaned clan scribe, comes face to face with...
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Santa vs. Krampus Preview
Jim Hodgson
What if wizards were real but we knew them as mall Santas?

They wield a system of magic that draws on...
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T.C. Harrison
An incident during a group dive resigns oceanographer Dr. Viola E. Foy’s to her desk for eight years. That changes when...
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Endeavour Media
London, 1873. Walter Balanchine returns home from his travels with an air of mystery and magic about him. His lockets, p...
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Hivernatien Minimus and the Crystal of Gertab...
Robert Dorazi
When Hivernatien rescues Silky, the young mermaid who grounded on ice field 46, he doesn't yet know that he will soon ha...
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Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis
Perrin Briar
One island. One family. A million zombies.

After a tropical storm, the Robinson family discovers a my...
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Fionn: The Stalking Silence
Brian O'Sullivan
Ireland 192 AD:
A pregnant refugee fleeing through the wilderness encounters a relentless predator. 
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Cogling: A Steampunk Fairy Tale
Jordan Elizabeth
When fifteen-year-old Edna Mather tears an expensive and unfamiliar pocket watch off her little brother’s neck, he crumb...
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