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The descriptive suggestion of love, lust, and romance dipping into the minds of readers for the sole reason of igniting the heart and loins without limiting the imagination.
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Player Substitution
Kristen Echo
Player Substitution is a holiday hockey romance. Chuck Radcliff is not the a**hole everyone thinks he is. At le...
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Velvet Ivy
Bella Knight
Can Ivy survive her own wayward heart? Sometimes life throws a spanner in the works. So, what can you...
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No Strings Attached: A Bad Boy Romance
Romi Hart
Neil Redford Fu@k. I know I said no strings attached, but with Kyra, I’m going to break all rules.&#1...
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Whoops: Nobody's Perfect
David Stone
WHEN IS LOVING THE WRONG PERSON THE RIGHT MOVE? Tassie Collins has had no luck in love in or outside...
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Billionaire in Vegas
Summer Cooper
Jude is everything Lacey shouldn’t like… the former athlete, playboy billionaire, with a teasing smile and a body fit fo...
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Buying the Virgin - Box Set One
Simone Leigh
She Auctioned her Own Virginity The penniless Charlotte dreams of a bright future, but she has nothin...
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Be Mine
Alyssia Leon
Free Full-length Novel (358 print pages). Hot, Steamy, Second-Chance Romance. Aurora Willis has always had the secret ho...
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Hard Bargain
Haley Pierce
He wants to show her how hard it can really get. "She’s a good girl but not for long. She do...
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Her Curves: His Obsession
Holly Pinke
Free romance novella by Holly Pinke! Over 20,000 words. Aria: I might be innocent...
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Lucky Number Three
Ruby City Books
Join Ruby City Books's mailing list and get your FREE preview of "Lucky Number 3" by Poppy Deveaux. By joining...
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Spicy Math: Interracial Short Bad Boy New Adu...
Green&Silver Publishing
“Spicy Math” is the first erotic short story in the Crystal Joy series. Enter the world of Crystal Me...
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Simone Leigh
The Boys are Back in Town..... James is a Dom. Michael loves women. When the two b...
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ONE MORE THING: The Lost Interview
Maya Lee. Soaringly brilliant, unflinchingly kind. Tenacious as hell. Years before…...
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An evening with the Boss
Bella Winters
Billionaire & Virgin Romance
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Double Protection
Selina Coffey
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Kiss Me at Midnight
Julia Kelly
Allina Hemphill’s been (unsuccessfully) set up by her parents too many times, but when her mother’s scheming puts Blane...
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24 Hours With Her Enemy
Diane Louise
Mary-Kay is a fighter. However, there’s only so much lemonade a girl can make out of lemons before she craves s...
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Manic Monday: The Billionaires Temptations
Annalise Wells
He had Shona on Mondays, Cally on Tuesdays, Stacey on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays he opted for a dif...
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Never Too Late
Alyssia Leon
Village girl Molly King must quickly mend her broken heart or perish. But with sexy billionaire Jake Hennessy threatenin...
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A Proper Punishment
Blushing Books
She’s stolen gold… will she steal his heart? Lena Mae has been turning down the advances of men and potential suitors fo...
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Taken Backstage
Red Lily Publishing
You’d assume she was a fan I met backstage--but that wasn't the case. I met her at a bar while my band was touring Europ...
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Pure Thoughts Publishing
Jeffery is dedicated to serving his county. His wife gets lonely and cheats while he's at war. Not abl...
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Rough Nights Special: Taste Me
Holly Pinke
A Curvy and innocent BBW. A famous billionaire chef who likes to play rough. Sounds like a recipe for...
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Stepdad Undone
Natasha Spencer
Tamara Wallace was finding it hard to make ends meet. Her degree in the arts wasn’t really worth the paper it was print...
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Sweet Royal Beginnings
Lizabeth Scott
Abandoned at birth, Jane Smith didn’t have much experience with the elusive emotion of love. Frankly, she didn’t even be...
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Sealing the Deal
Blue Love Books
As the heat goes up in the kitchen, more than just the soup is bubbling over as Ty and Katie compete against another tea...
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The Plastic Face Part 2
Artcom Pub
Jessie Solomon grew up with a mother and father that have a strong stable relationship that has outlasted most connectio...
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Sorority Secrets
A.J. Wynter
BRINGING A BIKER HOME TO DADDY... Falling for a biker wasn’t in the plan for college Junior, Sarah. H...
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Navy Seal's Second Chance Secret
Holly Jaymes
I broke the Number One rule of sacred Bro Code. You know which one that is. Piper is my best friend’...
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Object of my Protection
Odessa Black
Dylan Alexander Prototype X-1689 is a sentinel, a cloned partially computerized human made to replace security systems i...
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Curvy Persuasion
Aidy Award
Curvy Girls Write Their Own Happy Ever Afters. Eden Stone has one last chance to revive her writing c...
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One (Extra) Dirty Scot
Donna Alam
Join Kit and Bea for a One (extra) Dirty Scot following the success of the Amazon top 50 performer, One Dirty Scot. ...
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One Little Word
Elizabeth Perry
Describe Beckett McCallister in one word? That's easy. Impossible. To forget, to get over, and of course, to re...
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Diner Delight
April Fire
WARNING: Diner Delight is a short story that is very different from other books by April Fire. First, it’s much more exp...
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Before Flesh
Sky Corgan
From USA Today best-selling author Sky Corgan comes the riveting prequel to the Flesh series, told from Lucian Reddick's...
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Billionaire Boss
Mia Ford
A Billionaire & Virgin Romance
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Stella Andrews
To everyone else, we are just colleagues. I’m his assistant and he is the powerful Senator. In private he is my world. M...
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Nailed by my Dad's Best Friend
Corinne Matthews
Rachel is in her twenties and has decided to take control of her life. She moves out of her parent’s house and into an a...
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Katherine King
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ROMANTIC TAKEOVER - Hijacked By Her Greek Bos...
Passion House Publishing
<p style="text-align:justify">Join Passion House's mailing list & get this FREE ebook "Romantic TakeOver". By joining th...
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Pillaged (Dark M/M Romance)
Kayci Morgan
When a young hunter finds his sister has been kidnapped by marauders, he heads out to rescue her only to get captured hi...
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Revenge: Love, Lies and Lust
Ivy Banks
Skyler has beauty, brains, and a father who funds her lavish lifestyle. Skyler even believes she has the perfect boyfrie...
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The Ruse
Bree Branigan
He’s a bad boy with a secret. And he’s out to get her. Gia is a survivor. Having pulled he...
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Loving Wood: A Silicon Valley Romance
David Stone
"LOVE IN A TIME OF TECH" After suffering one too many heartbreaks, Tassie Collins goes into hiding. S...
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Slave of Love
Christien Frances
“First of all I will damn well do as I please with you. I am your master, I brought you, I own you. You have no rights w...
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Sweet Temptations
L.M. Mountford
There were times Richard Martin loved his life. He had everything most men nearing middle age could want. A beautiful wi...
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Boss's Virgin
Lexi Adams
I want to dominate her. I want to make her mine. I know she feels the same way...but something is holding her back. ...
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Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love
Chiquita Dennie
Nothing and no one could tear Antonio and Sabrina apart, no matter how hard they tried. Ex-lovers, angry family members,...
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Something Natural
Jade Donovan
All Leander wanted was a modest, sensible girl so he could check off yet anther requirement of his high-end family. But...
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Elena Davinski
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The Secrets of Love
Catherine Wilde
Jessica Ulrich. A tempting and sexual women with many secrets When Jessica meets this man Bradyn, she...
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J. Saman
He promised to love me forever. But when I woke up to find Levi gone without a trace, he broke that promise. L...
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Ten Inch Tom - First Timers
Kipper Fillet
There was a first time for everything Tom thought as he entered his details into the online dating site...
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Money Hungry
Moxie Darling
True love never buys. Or does it? AMY When Amy Parrish is force...
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Sleeping With The Single Dad
J.J. Bella
A sexy new standalone romance from Author J.J. Bella that'll make you swelter... Katie was growing ever more de...
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Take Me: Hot Boss Romance
Jules Leater
Jessica hesitated in front of her mirror. She wore a red lace bra beneath the shirt, and though she knew she h...
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Olga GOA
Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood. She didn’t know anything about her biological parents and now l...
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I Am Bad : A Bad Boy Next Door Romance
Claire Angel
No one touches or harasses my Amara. She’s mine and if you can’t understand that then let me demonstrate to your face ho...
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Chasing Dr.Bedell
T.N King
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Thief's Obsession
Niya James
Young and successful, Emily Williams has built her business from the ground up. Her proudest achievement is on display f...
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Her Fake Fiancé Billionaire Boss
Piper Sullivan
Jenn “I need you to pretend to be my fiancée.” Those were the last words Jennifer Bradford ever expect...
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Astrid Lee Donovan
Keesha's been working for years building her record label, one band at a time. And while the label is small, it's been q...
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The Mystery Healer
Sylvia Hubbard
Jax thought for sure she had contacted the "out of the box" therapist for her problems. To her shock, he was the wrong o...
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Deadly Sins: an organized crime thriller
Laura Read
Angela Balanescu is the daughter of an organized crime boss. When she falls for a corrupt detective, she wonders whether...
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Indebted (Alpha Billionaire Romance Book 1)
Charlotte Byrd
When 25 yr. old waitress, Brielle, receives a mysterious check for $250,000, she uses the money to pay for her mother's...
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The Billionaire's Property - Book 1 of 3
Ashlee Price
Mandy is almost done with her last year of college. She’s worked hard to keep her grades up for her scholarship, but som...
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Second Destiny
Gloria Silk
"Beautifully written love story with a perfect happy ever after.” Elizabeth Lennox, Author of the Thorpe Brothers. &...
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Every Heart Inch: (A Tryst of Fate Series - N...
Kara Liane
Want it rough and “heart?” Dr. Anthony Parker is a thirty-two-year-old sex-god by night, and a pediatrician by...
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His Klutz: A Bad Boy Romance
Lauren Wood
Unexpectedly, she tripped out of thin air, yes. Thin air. Making the tray of mugs spill onto the employees making them s...
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Summer Escape
Peyton Banks
Marina Carter was ready to take back her life. She deserved more in life than a loveless relationship and a cheating fia...
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Tamed By Him
Mia Ford
One curvy virgin, a super HOT Billionaire Boss. What's a girl supposed to do when he looks like a Greek God an...
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Caught in a Lie
Laura Read
Julianne is a bored socialite flitting from man to man, shop to shop, party to party. When asked to seduce a man for mor...
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The Gifted
Deals on Romance Books
<b>She needs him to escape. He needs her to save the world.</b> When Zoe is taken captive by the sold...
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Stories of Punishment: 13 Tales of Dominance...
Xandra Owens
"I didn't know you were like this," she said. "Oh, darling," he said and laughed. "You knew exactly what I was....
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Tackling the Coach's Daughter
Dustin James
Tackling Coach's Daughter is a hot Sports Romance!
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Billionaire's Neighbor
Brenda Ford
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Do It Yourself
Nikky Kaye
Sometimes a woman has to learn how to drill herself. Sarah began her DIY education by ditching the bi...
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The Bare Bones MC #1
Layla Wolfe
Madison Shellmound’s girlish crush on biker Ford Illuminati is stomped into smithereens by his crude, perverse father Cr...
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