Do you enjoy sweet, clean fiction? We’ve bundled up a collection of clean romance stories for you to download for free! The individual authors are responsible for the content of their books and making sure they meet the criteria. Enjoy!

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Fools Rush In
Eveline Hart
Jesse Callahan thought his boss was crazy when he mentioned looking at ads for a mail order bride. But then he started f...
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Loving an Earl
Deals on Romance
Mary Caldwell’s life was idyllic. She was to marry the man who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and there...
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For the Love of Gnomes - A Short Story
Kat Colmer
Sometimes it takes a dopey garden gnome, a blood-thirsty doberman and a crazy gnome-napping caper to help along true lov...
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Sometimes It Storms
Xen x Cole McCade
Previously part of the IPPY Award-winning WINTER RAIN (Love in the Rain 2) charity anthology. All Ethan Randall has ever...
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Winters Rising at Lexcon (sweet & CLEAN editi...
Shannyn Leah
Brea was born a Second, a lowly class of people in the Lexcon society. But she also bore the birthmark that destined her...
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Believe in Me
Mishael Witty
Reconciliations can occur. Broken hearts can be mended. If you believe… 

Trina Gray leaves a stack of...
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The Girl Who Braved The Himalayan Tsunami
Vidyut Rautela
"When the water finally receded, I dropped on the ground, I laid there in the dark, slingy mud for several minutes. I wa...
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Shawna Lynn Brooks
Lacey Underwood has a problem. With a car on the blink and a hurricane barreling towards her, she must find her way to s...
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Marry Matthew
Ellen Hutton
One fateful night Mary’s life spins out of control leaving her with nothing but regrets and a broken heart. She soon rea...
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The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
The Duke of Wilmington receives a letter from his boyhood friend, informing him that he has the answer to what ails him....
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Twin Brides For The McKean Brothers
Charity Phillips
Twin sisters Charlotte and Scarlett have shared each other’s up and downs since the day they were born. Together, they t...
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Flowers in December
Jane Suen

Connor Norton returns to his hometown, followin...
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Since We Were Friends
Zoe Haslie
Sixteen-year-old Regan Clark only longs for the summer camp trip her dad takes her and her three brothers in each year....
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Evangeline Kelly
A contemporary Christian Romance
She only wanted to survive her coffee date . . .
Ellie Parker had a d...
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The Chans (Small Town Romance. Magic. Mystery...
Em Shotwell

​Logan has spent his entire life knowing he is different...
An invisible force has guided...
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Keeping Mum
Perrin Briar
When modern-day Scrooge Hetty Loveridge saw the opportunity to exploit an inheritance tax loophole for her children, she...
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Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
Natasha Dawson is a lucky woman. Her career as a fashion photographer has taken off magnificently. After her imminent ma...
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Happy Returns
Alicia Best
As Meredith Thomas returns home to Shady Piers for the big birthday party her parents give her each year, she is a frust...
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Daylights affliction
Julian Soriano
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Italian Vacation Love
Bekah Bancroft
"Marci wins again!"

That’s how Susan feels when her roommate lands hunky Niccolo, the Italian tutor i...
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Hearts Unfold--Miracle at Valley Rise Book 1
Karen Welch
A secret Christmas homecoming, a blinding snowstorm, and in the course of one night two shattered lives will be changed...
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First and Only Destiny
Gloria Silk
First love has never been more intense or heartbreaking—or so worthwhile!
Read USA Today Bestselling Author Glo...
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Beginnings and Endings: A Selection of Short...
Jane Suen
…life never turns out like you expected…

A weekly ritual that turns into the surprise of all time; an...
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Theodore's Promise
Rose Pearson
Eleanor has always loved Theodore, and, in return, he has sworn his love for her. Their secret kisses and clandestine me...
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By Royal Appointment
Victoria Leybourne
It’s the party of the year...

This could be event planner Sophie’s big break: the chance to plan a bi...
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Strawberry Pie Murder- Starke, Fl Culinary Co...
Amber Craft
There's been a murder....And Stella Rae Needs Your Help!

Ready to read a cozy mystery that's filled w...
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Leaving Oxford
Janet Ferguson
A year after a tragic accident in Los Angeles flipped her world upside down, advertising guru Sarah Beth LeClair is stil...
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The Wrong Brother: A Regency Romance
Bree Wolf
Just as ISABELLA CARRINGTON gives her hand to CHARLES DASHWOOD, her heart is stolen by none other than her husband's not...
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Curve My Song
Sarah Gai
Fall in love with this larger than life trio. Follow the Curvies as they stumble through life, romance, drama and some p...
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Lisa-Marie Cabrelli
Claire needs this job. But how can she survive when her creepy boss, Nick, promotes her to a role she doesn’t understand...
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Lucky Hearts
Love Light Faith Books
Tired of being a burden to her sister, Hannah places an ad in the Matrimonial Times. After writing letters with Jonathan...
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Ellen Hutton
Glenda realizes that being alone isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Though she’s been on plenty of dates she finds th...
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The Smartest Girl in the Room
Deborah Nam-Krane
Nineteen year old Emily wants her college diploma fast, and she's going to get it. But when the perfect night with perfe...
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The Caretaker by C. C. Brower
Midwest Journal Press
A Writer Recluse Places an Ad for a Caretaker and Gets More Than He Asked For

This quiet contemporary...
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The Modern Earl
Sophie Mays
A Regency Play Inside a Real Life Drama

A co-written novella by Caroline Johnson and Sophie Mays. &#1...
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A Walk Through Endurance- Series Intro
Olivia Gaines
Abel Burney hated flying and today he was stuck on a plane with the worst turbulence he’d ever experienced. Grabbing the...
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Living Apart Together (Book 1)
Elise Darcy
How far would you go to change your life?

After nearly forty years of marriage Sylvie's comfortable l...
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Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon. It can happen anywhere, anytime. It drinks lakes dry, consumes jungles, and even dem...
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The Viscount's Conquest
Emma Evans
Lord Stephen Radcliffe is tired of society and in particular, his friend’s ability to constantly lose his heart to which...
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The Rake and His Honour
Endeavour Media
1813 France.

Louise Fauriel, a beautiful young woman from a family who support the monarchy, is on th...
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Forgotten & Remembered - The Duke's Late Wife...
Bree Wolf
GRAHAM ASTOR, Duke of Kensington, is done with love, and ROSABEL LANDER never believed in it. But when Graham needs help...
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Spring Rose, A Historical Western Romance
Eveline Hart
Widowed and burdened with running a ranch on her own…Mary Rose stands to lose everything. Until Cyrus comes into her lif...
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Living this thing called Life
Dreal C.
Mia Saint never thought her life would take turns that her mother has never prepared her for. Her school life was going...
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Lakeshore Secrets at Willow Valley
Shannyn Leah

Lakeshore Secrets at Willow Valley by Audrey Delaine is the clean and...
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Best Friends Forever
Michelle Nicholas
Joshua and Shelly meet in kindergarten. Shelly is an outgoing, active little girl who drags shy, timid Josh along on all...
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The Duke's Secrets
Abby Ayles
Mary Elridge of York doesn’t know what to expect now that she’s of age to marry—and to her surprise, her selection pool...
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Simply Anna
Cristina Hodgson
How could a dinner date with the handsome Niccolo possibly go wrong? Or perhaps, how could it possibly go right for Anna...
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