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The Drowning City
J. Scott Matthews
A killer stalks the streets of a near-future Tokyo on the brink. Now, three people on opposite sides of the law find the...
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Z-Minus 1
Perrin Briar
Once infected, the virus shuts down organs, kills nerve impulses and even reprograms the way we think. The virus becomes...
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No Rest For The Wicked
James Harper
When an armed gang on the run from a botched robbery that left a man dead invade an exclusive luxury hotel buried in the...
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Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Mark Downey
A Paedophile Priest, A Vengeful Nun, A Brilliant Detective Elizabeth Murphy never recovered from the...
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Trapped - A Thriller Mystery
Mark Duff
Guiseppe Donadoni had crafted a perfect casino robbery but all his men could bring back were bags full of white paper. W...
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Compounding Interest: An Erter & Dobbs Novell...
Nick Keller
It's like any other day for L.A. Detective Bernie Dobbs, so why can't he sleep? Between ex-con informants, sleazy bookie...
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Rock Island Lines
Dean Klinkenberg
Curiosity killed the cat, and it may kill travel writer Frank Dodge, too. Dodge and his buddy, homicide detective Brian...
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Ann Jones
Victim? Runaway? Or Criminal? Detective Lyn Kramer is busy training Jud Hughes, a new detective on the force, w...
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Death Toll Rising
Terry Keys
Death Toll Rising is a pulse-pounding tale of murdered world leaders, terror plots, and home grown terror all wrapped in...
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The Freeing of Jonathon Mark
Nathan Gross
Jonathon is a Taker, some type of modern day psych in the growing industry of modern grief. Takers treat people for all...
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Environmentally Friendly
Elias Zanbaka
Out of seven billion people, one man has declared war on Mother Nature and plans to bring it to its knees. &#13...
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B.M. Allsopp
Detective Joe Horseman is a legend in Fiji rugby. But now injury has wrecked his rugby career, he dreads returning to th...
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Bloody Legends
Andrea Merchak
Daniel Cooper is a vicious serial killer who sees his most sadistic and morbid fantasies come forth in a compulsive desi...
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The Mother Earth Insurgency
J.G. Follansbee
Decades in the future, eco-terrorists target The Consortium, which controls “green” energy in a climate-changed world. N...
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Harm None (A Davies & West Mystery, Book 1)
Will North
Penwith, the southwest tip of Cornwall, is a land of mystery and magic, of prehistoric monuments, witchcraft…and murder....
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Goodfellowe House
Persia Walker
It's 1926, the Jazz Age, and New York City is the place to be. Lanie Price is a gutsy Harlem society reporter with a gol...
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Murder is a Tricky Business
Phillip Strang
No one’s talking, and those who say they know are dying. A television actress is missing, and DCI Isaac Cook, t...
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A Secondhand Lie
Pamela Crane
Twenty-two years ago, on a cold February night, Landon Worthington lost his father for the last time. After an armed rob...
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Twisted Consequences
Irie Parker
Tyson is a survivor, and he wants an exotic companion. An email relationship with a young lady in Romania forces him to...
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m.a. petterson
A beautiful arson investigator hiding a tragic past seeks the killer of a homeless child and uncovers a terrorist plot t...
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Neven Carr
Every family holds a secret. How far would yours go to keep it? Twenty-eight year old school...
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Jack McSporran
Venice. The Mafia. A drug deal gone wrong. When a British covert intelligence agency learns of an imp...
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Dying for Dinner Rolls
Lois Lavrisa
Catherine "Cat" Thompson has been held at gunpoint, stuck in a burning dumpster, chased out of a grocery store, caught i...
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The Samurai Code: A Hiram Kane Action Thrille...
Steven Moore
Expedition leader Hiram Kane is in Japan when the storm of the century hits. He joins the rescue mission as flash floods...
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Texas Troubles
Want to get away from the daily grind? So did Ollie! "This was awesome!" ★★★★★ Mi...
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Purgatory of the Werewolf - Book 2 of The Wol...
Brian Ference
What's worse than realizing you're a werewolf? Being chased by a monster hunter with a demon eye. Dor...
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Alone in the Darkness
Matthew Buza
A routine night in an ordinary city becomes a race against time to save an innocent girl from the underbelly of society....
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Drowning For Rainbows
Kristoff Chimes
Police Chief Zoran faces an impossible choice. Finding justice for a child murder threatens to destabilize the precariou...
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Conscripted - an action thriller
Chris Lowry
When a young man is following his girlfriend overseas back to her home, a future president and his top adviser recruit h...
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American Ballerina
Gregg Bell
Lily Russell thinks she can dance at London's prestigious Royal Ballet. She also thinks she can single-handedly bring ab...
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David Callinan
A woman on the run from a ruthless cyber gang sees Mike Delaney on the street. In desperation she drops something into h...
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Meritropolis Bundle (Book 1 & 2)
Joel Ohman
"The Hunger Games meets The Village with a young Jack Reacher as a protagonist." - Donny Meader Locke...
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When No One Was Looking - Project Mnemosyne
Kim Frauli
After terrorist attacks reshaped the world in which she lived, an orphaned Julianna Brenner was taken to live in the Sch...
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Murder in Bermuda
Penelope Sotheby
Event planner, Anna Winters, wants nothing more than to ensure the wedding reception for millionaire Tony Giovani and hi...
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When The Guns Were Turned On Us
Christopher McGarry
The New World Order has come to the American Northwest, but that doesn't mean liberty has surrendered. Molon Labe.
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The Amendment Killer
Ronald S Barak
"WE HAVE YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO." That’s the text message Supreme Court Justice Arnold...
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City of Skies
Farah Cook
Nora Hunt has just joined the deadly quest to discover an ancient legend: the nine worlds of the Vikings. Her post-apoca...
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The Veritas Deception
Lynne Constantine
Imagine if the media, the entertainment world, and key players in Washington were conspiring to deceive you---if nothing...
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Eugene Lloyd MacRae
What would you do if your government labelled you as a terrorist? And you didn't know why! On the run from a massive man...
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