Aloha! I hope you enjoy these awesome, full-length sci-fi novels! —Andrew Crusoe (@HelloCrusoe)

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The Truth Beyond the Sky
Andrew Crusoe
Zahn's life is transformed when he discovers a fragment of a UFO on his home beach, setting off a chain of events that t...
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Watcher's Web
Patty Jansen
She is lost on an alien planet. He said he'd help her get home. He lied. 

Jessica's plane develops en...
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Star Mage Exile
J.J. Green
A merc band on the edge of survival…

A suicidal rescue mission…

A mage in hiding…&...
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Adair Hart
Freelancing in galactic space is hazardous to your health, unless you’re Blake Brown, a four-hundred-plus-year-old vampi...
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Craig Lea Gordon
Her death is just the start of her journey. 

In seven hours and twenty minutes Grace Jordan will be d...
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Grand Master's Pawn
Aurora Springer
One young woman challenges the super psychics ruling the galaxy, and finds an impossible love. 
Young empath, V...
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Stan C. Smith
On a field trip to remote Papua, Quentin Darnell and his students stumble upon an object that could change the world for...
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Extinction Lost
Nicholas Smith
Extinction Lost was originally published in SNAFU: Black Ops. This short story can be read as a stand-alone for new read...
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The Heights of Perdition
C. S. Johnson
Aeris St. Cloud wants nothing more than to win her father's love and the acceptance of her family unit by joining the Mi...
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Matthew Mather
350 pages of million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather's thriller and speculative fiction works, including his novella Enli...
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A Different Kind
Lauryn April
Payton Carlson’s life is perfect – until the night she’s abducted by aliens. Now she’s plagued by pieces of memories fro...
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Lunar Hustle
Chris Lowry
Grab your copy of the exciting short prequel to THE DIPOLE SERIES and get to know Tinker, the pilot of the NS-17 on an a...
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Hal Spacejock 1: A robot named Clunk
Simon Haynes
A Robot Named Clunk is one part buddy movie, two parts laughter and three parts madcap adventure.

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Earth Seven and the History Department at The...
Steve M
What if weapons technology advances so fast that a military science fiction universe would be a death sentence?
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Gehenna Dawn by Jay Allan
Discover Sci-Fi
Book One of the bestselling Portal Wars series...

Erastus. An unimaginable nightmare. A searing hot w...
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The Executioner
Sam Sea
Just because the horrific galactic war has ended does not mean that one of its most celebrated soldier will enjoy peace....
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Brothers in Exile
Joe Vasicek
Two brothers, one starship. A girl frozen in stasis. A galaxy on the verge of war.

Isaac and Aaron ar...
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The Powerless: Part One
Lina Langley
Teo didn’t think that he would find his Familiar. In fact, he thought that he was one of the only people in his village...
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On Silver Wings by Evan Currie
Discover Sci-Fi
When the Colony on Hayden's world went black, a team was sent to investigate.

It was supposed to be a...
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Mother Tesla's Death Ray: Rye Ironstone
John Wilkerson
Nikola Tesla’s death ray has been found in a hidden Appalachian laboratory. Rye Ironstone, security guard from the local...
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Falon: The Ancient Blood Awakens (A War of Bl...
Angel Black
Always just out of my reach: the human world.
I am the last born of the Dragons and it seems li...
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The Cannibal's Feast
Robert I. Katz
A science fiction adventure with a cast of larger-than-life characters and the stars as background.

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Verian Mates Prequel: A Sci-Fi Alien Abductio...
Stella Sky
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I am of...
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Kalazaron Blue Planet Warriors Prequel
Maia Starr
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The Creeper Dance, Reaper #1
Darcy Lennox

My name is something that people do not speak of lightly,...
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Tsar Wars: Agents of the Imperial Special Inv...
Stephen Goldin
Welcome to the first great space opera decalogy of the 21st century! Agents of ISIS is the modern re-envisioning of the...
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Joshua C. Chadd
Allen Hook is your not-so-typical twenty-something-year-old dude living each day just to get by. He spends his time cons...
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Jasper Flint and the Dinosaur Saddle
Jack Geurts
We thought we were the first civilisation to live on this planet…

We were wrong.

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Zombies and Zinfandels: An Apocalyptic Comedy...
Scott Hughey
Meet the most unlikely person to survive a zombie apocalypse.

David Hall is a 30-year-old, divorced,...
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Digi City: A Story from the In-between
Jarrett Rush
Jensen Miller has a new daughter, a beautiful wife and a relatively stable life in unstable New Eden. The fallen governm...
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Thorn Osgood
When the government discharges a nuclear weapon in Charleston, South Carolina, life in the US is forever changed. Paisle...
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