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We know you've been waiting for this. It's time to judge a book by its cover! Only the most delectable covers, with excellent content to match, have been handpicked for this giveaway. After you've picked your favorites, be sure to enter to win a Kindle Fire & $100! Enter by filling out this google form:

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Star Flame
Yvonne Carder
Cornerstone (Souls of the Stones Book 1)
Kelly Walker
Necromantia: Necromancer's Apprentice
Matthew Buza
Acceptance: Jewel Series Book OneSeries Book...
Trish Beninato
Flight of Passion
Mollie Mathews
A Twisted Past: The Chosen Chronicles Prequel
K.A. Parkinson
Succubus in Seattle
J.R. Thorn
Crystal Servants
John M. Olsen
Beginnings - Prequel short story to the Red-H...
Tikiri Herath
James Flamestar and the Stargazers
Shane W Smith
Nineveh's Child (Preview)
Gerhard Gehrke
A Royal Game
Antoine Henderson
Aaron Hodges
Ascend Online
Luke Chmilenko
Fallen to Grace
AJ Flowers
Misguided Knight of the Onyx Order
AJ Flowers
Lucifer's Fall
AJ Flowers
The Third Kiss (Chapters 1-8)
Kat Colmer
Don't Forget Me - Preview
Judy Corry
H.G. Chambers
Jebediah's Crime - FREE Sneak Peek
Vincent Phan Tran
The Festival of Trial and Ember
Logan Miehl
Illusional Reality book 1 & 2 excerpts
Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Versi...
Melinda Kucsera
Tiff in Time
Jaxon Reed
Guardians of the Night
Emily Fox
Ensnared (preview)
Rita Stradling
Franken White
Carly Marino
Maybe Never (Chapters 1-3)
Sadie Allen
The Awakening
Stephanie BwaBwa
C. M. Boers
The Dry Season
Cassidy Taylor
Discern, Mosaic Chronicles Book One
Andrea Pearson
The Watcher (The Ent Chronicles-Book 1)
Louise James
Servant of the Forest
Shona Husk
The Clay Queen
Ono Ekeh
Rise to Hope
AJ Flowers
Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
ROMANTIC TAKEOVER - Hijacked By Her Greek Bos...
Passion House Publishing
A Dance of Dragons: Series Starter Bundle
Kaitlyn Davis
Anna Santos
The Beginning- Breath of War
R. Malak
Salvation's Dawn
Joe Jackson
Isle of Apples (Copper & Cobalt #3)
J. Conrad
Ella, the Slayer
AW Exley
A Thorne in Time
Lorel Clayton