What Lies Beyond Our World? If you're an avid science-fiction fan and love to read stories about crumbling civilizations, awakened aliens, forgotten colonies, lost technologies, and the rise of artificial intelligence then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find all kinds of sci-fi colonization/dystopian books, stories, and samples from some of the best sci-fi authors around, predicting the fate of the world one word at a time. Enjoy!

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Kal's Fall - The Teristaque Chronicles - Part...
Aaron Frale
Kal has always been considered too "fragile" to participate in the village activities. Her lithe stature links her to he...
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Islandia: A Prequel to the McKinnah Chronicle...
CJ Klinger
Earth is desperate.
A new planet is colonized and forgotten.
An alien intelligence is watching.
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Aurora Springer
What alien creatures lurk under the icy surface of Europa? - PREVIEW

Dr. Nikki Bell’s plan to discove...
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One Way Ticket - A Travelers Series Story
Alia Hess
It’s the chance of a lifetime… or a ticket to an early grave.

Sasha Roborovskiy’s life is in freefall...
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Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Anna left at dawn. 
She entered the Martian desert, all alone. 
Where is she going? 
What sec...
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Dusk of Humanity
M.K. Dawn
A government summons with orders to attend a top-secret weekend retreat? Dr. Sloan Egan has no idea why her presence is...
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The Blood City
DH Bookstore
A city in flames…

That’s what it looked like from where I was sitting.

From the ro...
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Dark Mage
P.A. Jones
Awaken 2000 years in future, where Magic and Science rule the world together.
Raiden awakes on a spa...
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Joe Vasicek
When Jeremiah arrived at Megiddo Station, all he wanted was to make some trades and resupply his starship. He never tho...
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The Greatest Humans
Leon Cameron
Greg Vance is a hapless millennial, deep in college debt and with no job to his name. When he discovers how to earn a fo...
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Islandia: The Lost Colony (Sample) (Book One...
CJ Klinger
Centuries pass, as human colonists descend into a rudimentary existence, resembling Earth’s dark ages. Their world of ti...
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Domination of the SPOOKS
Chad V. Holtkamp
Dom Wagner is the top cadet at The Academy, preparing for a life of military service.

While he dreams...
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The Hooman Probe by C. C. Brower
Midwest Journal Press
When Sue crash-lands back on Earth, she didn't know what to expect. What she found was a telepathic wolf pack, capable o...
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IMMORTALIS (The Immortalis series Book 1)
G M Sherwin
An Epic Science Fiction/Horror tale set far out into the Galaxy.

A story of ancient war, ar...
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Sundown Apocalypse
Leo Nix
It is the end of days, the Apocalypse of Revelations has begun and terrorists have taken out the super powers cleansing...
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Glory on Mars Colonization Book 1
Kate Rauner
Something is terribly wrong on Mars. A strange illness threatens the first pioneers and tragic deaths may be no accident...
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Michael W. Huard
Young Brin lived on the streets; struggling to survive in the 31st Century. She simply did her job; prepping food for a...
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Anti Life
Allen Kuzara
The opposite of life isn't death; it's something far worse.

In an anarcho-capitalist future, space-ba...
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Atmospheric Pressure
Aaron Frale
Olson lives in a city that has been sealed from the outside world. He’s an Eleven Year and close to citizenship. His lif...
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Mind Timing by R. L. Saunders
Midwest Journal Press
Can the future be saved by returning a woman to affect the present?

Peter was a perfect gentleman. Wh...
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Tales of an Untold Past
Mark Russo
Three classic fairy tales with a sci-fi twist.

A Little Stroll through the Woods:

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Sundown Apocalypse 5: Special Ops
Leo Nix
Thus began the Apocalypse of the book of Revelations. 
While holidaying at the beautiful Western Australian sea...
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Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
A secret hidden in plain sight. A devastating attack. And a world hanging in the balance.

There are a...
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