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First Fruits Sample
Moxie Darling
He's odd. But, then again, so is she . . . Parsley Walker didn't want to fall in love. She wanted to...
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Troubled by the Texan - Preview
Bree Verity
Desiree has never had it easy when it comes to love. Burned by her father's constant betrayal of her mother, she hasn't...
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The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives - Sample
Joynell Schultz
Nobody said being married was easy, but try being married to a superhero. Not only is there laundry, cooking, and a care...
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Unraveled Preview
Lisa-Marie Cabrelli
Claire and Satish have perfectly planned lives. Those lives are about to collide. Claire’s life is un...
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Forgetting the Billionaire
Amy Linnabary
Charlie Rosen had no intention of falling in love. In fact, it was the last thing on her mind. Between keeping the retir...
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Start Again
J. Saman
One night. One accident. And my life was forever changed. Determined to leave the memories that haunt...
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Once Should Be Enough
Nikky Kaye
"I think I hate sex." When I confessed to my cocky friend Will that I'd never had a happy ending, he...
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Gifted Love
Dionne Grace
Carly Gardiner is taken by surprise; their love is unexpected, lying dormant for years. Who would have known that Nathan...
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My Temporary Life (Preview) - Book One of the...
Martin Crosbie
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Joslyn Westbrook
All of The Prince Charmings of The World Can Just Suck It... Daniella Belle wants nothing more to do...
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R.C. Martin
she’s distractingly Gorgeous. in my line of work, I can’t afford to be Unfocused, but she is just as Alluring as she is...
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ONE SMALL STEP- First chapters of the COSMIC...
Jayne Fury
Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space Join us aboard Blue Star Line’s crown jewel, the L...
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A Political Proposal
E.C. Fountain
Lila Hudson grew up in the spotlight, thanks to her famous father. She longs to find true love, based on who she is, not...
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Ebb Tide
Leah Murray
Do you love veteran navy SEALs and romantic suspense? A wounded alpha hero who will lay down his life for the woman he l...
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Wicked for Hire: Paranormal in Manhattan Myst...
Lotta Smith
Medical student Amanda Meyers thought she had her life all planned out until people started dying the moment they touche...
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Ten Year Dance
Ara Grigorian
Best friends since sixth grade. A ten-year high school reunion. A truth they’ve danced around for a decade. &#1...
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Welcome to Your Life (Preview)
Katrina Marie
Tonya discovers she’s pregnant a month after breaking up with her high school boyfriend, Jake. She can’t decide whether...
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(Preview) Boss Unyielding
Nicole R. Locker
Farren Fields shouldn't be attracted to her hot, older boss... But she is. She's brains and beauty,...
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Just Friends (Preview)
Elizabeth Grey
Why did her heart have to choose him? Violet Archer has her dream job at one of London’s top advertis...
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Running From A Rock Star
Jami Albright
She’s a good-girl control freak. He’s a bad boy in need of a clean image. Will these opposites attract or self-destruct?...
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Dragon VIP: Malachite - big sample
Starla Night
"Duties as assigned" = Marry the CEO?!! Dragon shifter CEO Malachite “Mal” Onyx doesn’t have time for...
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Spirit Hunger (Excerpt), Book 1 of Spirit Wal...
Ella J. Smyth
Adi is an ordinary student with an extraordinary talent. All around her, she sees strange animals attached to people. Wh...
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A Little of Chantelle Rose (Preview)
Cristina Hodgson
Chantelle Rose has all a city girl can expect: a tiny bed-sit in South London, a lousy poorly-paid job, a tyrannical bos...
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A Preview of Pieces of Time
annalie coetzer
"He is an unpredictable army officer...she’s a charismatic nurse with amnesia. Their love is forbidden by othe...
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