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The Kota
Sunshine Somerville
The Kota is Book 1 in The Kota Series, an epic, 4-novel Science Fantasy series featuring superheroes, alien planet colon...
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Diary of Night #1
Will Allred
Feared. Hated. Hunted. Vampires exist, but not those of myth and legend. They are just like us. Good....
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Normalized (Book One)
Genre Reader
When Captain Might started writing his journal he was the most powerful man on the planet. The all-co...
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It's A Bird! It's A Plane!
Hall and Beaulieu
Nothing captures the marvel of our inner-child like Superheroes. Which of us hasn't dreamed of feeli...
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The Rift
J.T. Stoll
A civil war from a world of magic has spilled over into the small California town of San Luis Obispo. In a desperate act...
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Tales of the Dim Knight
Adam Graham
Some relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, others are built on using someone as a pawn in a game of globa...
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S. G. Basu
Ben is someone else. Only, he doesn't know who. All Ben wants is to find out who he was before the Sp...
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Morning Sun: Children of Nostradamus Prequel
Jeremy Flagg
Before their paths crossed… Before a fragile thread connected their futures... Before they found thems...
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Super Charged - Preview Edition
Franklin Kendrick
A medallion that grants super powers. A villain determined to take it back - at all costs. When Shaun...
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Nighthawks: Children of Nostradamus
Jeremy Flagg
New England is a walled off radioactive prison. People exhibiting extraordinary abilities are hunted for experiments. Th...
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Untouchable: Heroes of FORCE #1 - Preview
Alec Gunn
7 pre-release sample chapters! Sixteen year-old nerd Eric Sumner has grown up in a world where Super-Powered In...
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Avon Calling! (Episode #1) "A Woman's Work i...
Hayley Camille
In the seedy underworld of 1940's New York, revenge tastes like cherry pie with a side of lipstick and perfume. The Avon...
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Dark Vibes Issue 1
Andrew Pawley
Psychedelic science fiction! Galaxy sized weirdos! Cosmic hi-jinx and galactic gaffs! Galaxafreaks will eat your brains!
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Toonopolis: Gemini
Jeremy Rodden
Toonopolis is a cartoon city that is home to the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings in the universe. As the cente...
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Action Figures - Issue One: Secret Origins
Michael Bailey
It was the worst summer of Carrie Hauser’s life, and the weirdest: it was the summer her parents announced they were get...
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Super Starrella
Aurora Springer
Sample Chapters: Teen superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse, Rockette, challenge alien killers threatening Atalanta...
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Cinder Heart
Amy Linnabary
Gabriella was your typical teenage girl until her hand suddenly bursts into flames. Stuck in the school’s bathroom, she...
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Trish Heinrich
Vigilante. Survivor. Madman Serpent has been protecting Jet City for almost twenty years. Z...
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The Stellar Life of a Superhero Wife
Joynell Schultz
Devora and Derek’s marriage is like any other…only this husband gallivants around saving people as the Silver Comet. &#1...
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Activation: A Jewel Series Companion
Trish Beninato
IF POWER FINDS YOU, WOULD YOU ACCEPT IT? Gale is a girl who is waiting for the day she activates with special a...
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Convergence: "The Time Weavers"
Dean C. Moore
Detectives and on-again-off-again lovers pair up to chase down the tech wizards in a near-future Age of Abundance who co...
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