The Klowns of Kent

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The Klowns of Kent

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There might be no such thing as werewolves, vampires or ghosts but apparently evil, dickhead Klowns are real.
Tempest Michaels is once again investigating ridiculous cases that are clearly not even slightly paranormal in nature but his daily menu of fun is interrupted by a plague of clowns with twisted make-up as they terrorise the Kent towns and villages.
The Klowns should be a case for the police to solve but their leader appears to have a serious beef with Tempest and they are coming for him and anyone that gets in their way. Who are the Klowns? What do they want? And what's with the ridiculous smiles?
Throw in a demonic possession, a restaurant with a ghost and some more meddling by his mother, it look like another fun week for Kent's best paranormal investigator.