Instafreebie - Lore Online: A Game Alive LitRPG Series
Lore Online: A Game Alive LitRPG Series

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Lore Online: A Game Alive LitRPG Series

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Rob Salter is a college drop-out with no job prospects in an automated world that has left him behind...Even with a basic income, he can't make ends meet to stay in his tiny apartment. Rent is due next week and he has no food...

When a top-of-the-line Immersion Enhancing Sequencer addressed to him is delivered to his door in an unmarked box with no explanation, he is confused who would send him such an expensive gift, but he sets it up in his room and creates an avatar in Lore Online, a quest-driven dark fantasy RPG played by his favorite streamers. Could this be his opportunity to get ahead by selling the gold and items he receives as rewards for quests to cover his rent?

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